To Create a Debug Configuration

  1. Click Run > Debug Configurations ... .
  2. Select the configuration you want and then create a new configuration by clicking on the New Launch Configuration button.
  3. On the Connect tab, browse to your COBOL project.
  4. Input the remote host name.
Depending on the configuration you have selected, different options will be displayed in the right hand pane.
  • For COBOL Remote Application:
    • Enter the identifier for the X server that will display the remote program output. The default value is client machine name:0.0
    • Enter the COBOL program file and pathname.
    • If you want to specify a launcher for the configuration, check Use alternate COBOL runtime system executable and type the filename and path into the text box.
    • Select any debug options by checking the appropriate box.
    • Apply any required run-time arguments.
    • Click Debug.
  • For Attach to Remote Application:
    • Click the Select button to list and select an existing PID to attach to. Alternatively, enter a PID value obtained from the remote machine.
    • If you want to assign sources to your application, check Assign sources to application and browse to the appropriate location
    • Click Debug.
  • For COBOL Wait for Remote Application Attachment:
    • If you wish to attach to a program that has an assigned value for CBL_DEBUG_START, check the appropriate box and enter the identifier.
      Note: The identifier must match the by reference value as set for CBL_DEBUG_START. See the reference help for CBL_DEBUG_START.
    • If you wish to specify a directory from where the debugger should pick up a COBOL program file, check the Application Working Directory box and enter the directory pathname.
    • Apply any debug options by checking the appropriate box.
    • Click Debug.

      The debugger will pick up the next COBOL program file moved into the directory.