To create a COBOL remote project

  1. Click File > New > Project...
  2. Expand Micro Focus COBOL and select COBOL Remote Project.
  3. Click Next
  4. In Project name type the name of the project.
  5. Uncheck Use default location
  6. In Location enter the pathname of where you want to create the project. Typically this will be the remote location as defined by the Samba mounted drive. You can create a new folder for the new project by using the Browse dialog box.
  7. Under Remote Settings set:
    1. Connection name to the name of the remote machine.
    2. Remote location to the location of the new project. This should be the UNIX/Linux representation of the Windows path as specified in Location. For example, a Location of X:Samba-mounted-drive location\project name should be represented by a Remote location of /Samba-mounted-drive location/project name
  8. Click Finish.