To configure the remote server

Note: The steps required to configure the remote server form part of the installation readme instructions for Server Express Remote Development Option and should be set up at install time.
  1. Set the CCITCP2 environment variable:
    CCITCP2=machine name
    where machine name is the name or IP address of a server with a running CCITCP2 process. Alternatively, if you are running Micro Focus Enterprise Server, you can specify a machine running an mfds process.
  2. Execute the RSE daemon start script:
    $COBDIR/remotedev/startrdodaemon [<port> | <low port> - <high port>
    • <port> is the port the daemon should use to listen for connections from Eclipse on the client machine. If no value is given, it will be assigned a default value of 4075. This value matches the value assigned within the Eclipse installation.
    $COBDIR/remotedev/startrdodaemon 4999
    • <low port>-<high port> is the range of ports on which the servers (launched by the daemon) should use to communicate with Eclipse on the client machine.
    $COBDIR/remotedev/startrdodaemon 9000 10000-20000