Use Scan64 to help you migrate applications from 32-bit to 64-bit COBOL systems. If you have developed COBOL programs using a 32-bit development environment that you want to migrate to the equivalent 64-bit development environment (such as migrating from a 32-bit Windows system to a 64-bit Windows system), you should run Scan64 before compiling and running those programs with the 64-bit system development environment.

A pointer in COBOL is a data item of unknown size that can only be operated on as a pointer. Direct or indirect treatment of POINTER data-items as non-pointer data-types is a violation of the rules for using pointers. You must detect and correct these violations before migrating your COBOL source code to 64-bit COBOL systems. The Scan64 utility enables you to detect pointer violations.

Note: Scan64 cannot detect invalidly-sized data items provided to prototyped CALL statements that require pointers.

Scan64 can generate various informational messages about code that it could not check, and these are listed in the section Error Messages.