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Server Express Remote Development Option enables you to develop COBOL applications using the Eclipse IDE on your client machine while hosting source code on a remote server. Eclipse is open source software and provides the platform for plugging-in tools. This COBOL development system plugs into Eclipse, thereby providing a fully integrated software workbench.

You use the Eclipse IDE to develop unmanaged code (not Microsoft .NET managed code) applications written in COBOL and in other languages such as Java. You can then deploy the applications developed here to UNIX and Linux platforms.

The plug-in provides Eclipse features such as a COBOL perspective, as well as background checking COBOL syntax and COBOL launch configurations. Like in other Micro Focus products, the plug-in provides COBOL-specific projects, familiar functionality for editing and debugging, and comprehensive COBOL Help.

The Remote System Explorer, provided as a plug-in with you product, is a perspective and toolkit in the Eclipse IDE Workbench that allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems.

You need to configure both your local machine and the remote server to enable remote development. Information on configuring your server can be found in the downloadable readme for the product. Guidance on configuring your client machine can be found in the Remote Development help topics.

Your product is licensed using Sentinel RMS from SafeNet and is installed and administered on the remote server. You need a license to develop applications remotely using the Eclipse IDE. When you use the IDE for the first time you will be prompted to set the host name of the license server. See the README.txt file in the /var/microfocuslicensing directory on your license server machine and the Licensing help topics for more detail.