File and FCD Handling

The File Control Description (FCD) is a data area which contains information about the file in use. For information on the FCD, see the section File Control Description (FCD) in the chapter File Handler API in your File Handling book.

There are two different formats of the FCD that you can directly code in your application; these are known as FCD 2 and FCD 3 (FCD 1 is obsolete and should never be used in your applications). These different FCD formats are supported on the following systems:

Platform FCD Format
Net Express 5.0 64-bit Y N
Net Express 5.0 32-bit Y Y
Server Express 2.0 64-bit Y N
Server Express 2.0 32-bit Y Y
Server Express 1.1 32-bit N Y
Server Express 1.0 32-bit N Y
Net Express 3.0 and earlier versions N Y

FCD 2 is not supported on 64-bit COBOL systems. This has the following effects on application conversion: