Accessing a Database on the Mainframe

The first time you use any of the Host Compatibility Option tools with a database, Host Compatibility Option automatically tries to bind itself to the database being connected to. If the database is on the mainframe, this automatic bind may fail if you do not have the authorities 'Create in collection NULLID' and 'BINDADD'. If an automatic bind fails, it is worth trying a manual bind, because the message returned from a manual bind clearly indicates why the bind failed.

You perform a manual bind using the DB2 command processor. Change directory to $COBDIR/etc and execute the following commands:

db2 connect to servername
db2 bind mfhco80b.bnd collection NULLID 

where servername is the name of the DB2 server for the database that you want to connect to.

If this bind fails, ask your database administrator to help resolve the problem, which is likely an authority issue.