The Host Compatibility Option DSNTIAR and DSNTIAC routine uses a similar parameter list to the one used by the IBM DSNTIAR and DSNTIAC routines on the mainframe. It is used to convert SQL return codes into more meaningful error messages.

The format for calling DSNTIAR is:

CALL 'DSNTIAR' USING sql-comm-area,


Parameter Description
sql-comm-area SQL communications area. Usually set to SQLCA. 
error-message A group item in the Working-Storage Section where the error message is returned. The work area consists of two items, the first being a field defining the length of the error message to be returned. Fields have a value > 0 and < 1,000. The second item is the work area where the error message returns. 
error-rec-length The logical error line length. If the second item were defined as a table, this field would contain the length of each element within the table. Must have a length <= error message length. 

The format for calling DSNTIAC is:

CALL 'DSNTIAC' USING sql-comm-area,

The parameters are same as with DSNTIAR.