Command Line Interface


cobmfhco ddl db=databasename file=file [log=logfile]
    [max=colno] [mod=modify]

Syntax Rules

  1. At least one space must occur before each parameter in the command.
  2. There must be an equal sign (=) between parameters and their values.
  3. If you omit parameters that have a default value, Host Compatibility Option uses the default value.


ddl Specifies use of the DDL Processor. This parameter is positional.
databasename Name of the database that you want to process DDL statements against.
file The name of the file that contains DDL statements.
logfile The name of log file to write processing details to. If this parameter is not specified, a logfile is created in the current directory. If you specify this parameter but specify no value for it (blank), this turns logging off.
colno Column number to process DDL statements to. Must be a number less than or equal to 80.
modify Set this parameter to "Y" if you want DDL statements converted to DB2 Universal Database format. Set this parameter to "N" if you want to process DDL statements unchanged. If you select this option, you must set the DDL delimiter value in the configuration file.


cobmfhco ddl db=db2demo file=hcosetup.sql log=ddlproc.log