Command Line Interface


cobmfhco dclgen db=databasename lang=language tbl=schemaname.tablename 
  file=copybookname [pre={USER | TBL | NO}] [user=username] [fld={COL | NUM}]

Syntax Rules

  1. At least one space must occur before each parameter in the command.
  2. There must be an equal sign (=) between parameters and their values.
  3. If you omit parameters that have a default value, Host Compatibility Option uses the default value.


databasename Database to connect to.
language Language to generate. cbl is the default; can also specify c or pli.
schemaname Schema name for the generated copybook.
tablename Table name for the generated copybook.
filename Name of the copybook file to generate.
TBL Specifies that the prefix is the same as the table name. Default.
USER Specifies that the prefix to use is the user's own ID.
NO Specifies that there is no prefix.
username User ID to use when the prefix is set to USER.
COL Specifies the column name. Default.
NUM Specifies the column number.


cobmfhco dclgen db=db2demo lang=cbl tbl=demo.items file=item.cpy