Command Line Interface


cobmfhco create db=databasename [coll=collsequence] [log=logfilename] 

Syntax Rules

  1. At least one space must occur before each parameter in the command.
  2. There must be an equal sign (=) between parameters and their values.
  3. If you omit parameters that have a default value, Host Compatibility Option uses the default value.


databasename Specifies the name of the new database .
collsequence Specifies the collating sequence to use. The default value is MFD, which is the EBCDIC collating sequence installed by Server Express.
logfilename The name of the logfile to capture output information. The default value is createdb.log.


The following command:

cobmfhco create db=test 

Creates a database named test using the default EBCDIC collating sequence.