Run-time System Errors

This section lists the Database Connector for MSSQL error messages that could occur during execution of your program. For information on compile-time errors and several methods for retrieving run-time system errors, see the chapter Performance and Troubleshooting.

Run-time system errors will have this format:


The "09" indicates a file system error and is reported in your FILE STATUS variable. The xxx is a secondary error code. Below are the secondary errors reported directly from Database Connectors. For definitions of these error messages, see the Reference > Error Messages section of your Database Connectors documentation.

Error Messages
09/01 Read error on dictionary file
09/04 Too many fields in the key
09/05 (no message associated with this error)
09/11 stored procedures not found
09/11 Micro Focus lock table missing
09/12 A column of a key is of data type TEXT or IMAGE, which is illegal
09/13 Internal error
09/14 DB library function returned an unexpected error
09/16 Trying to rename a table across databases
09/17 Cache error
09/18 Primary Key error
09/19 Table Size Error
09/20 (no message associated with this error)
09/21 (no message associated with this error)
09/083 Extended error information available

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