Built-in Stored Procedures

Several stored procedures come with Acu4GL for MSSQL. One, sp_AcuInit, provides a means for customized initialization. The others return information based on the AcuOpenTables1 and AcuLocks1 tables.

Note: You will see that the names of several stored procedures end in "_1", indicating the first version of the stored procedure. Whenever a stored procedure is updated, the extension is updated by one. This is why you can install new stored procedures without overwriting older ones. Be sure to install all stored procedures when you install Database Connector for MSSQL.
sp_AcuInit A procedure you can set up to do customized initialization
sp_AcuRemoveUnusedLocks_1     Determines who is logged in and removes Process IDs that are no longer active on the system
sp_AcuTableReport_1 Shows who is using the tables in the database at the time this procedure is run
sp_AcuUserCount_1 Use this to track table and database activity to ensure that your database is running as efficiently as possible
sp_AcuZeroUserCount_1 Removes all locks on a table and closes it