Common Questions and Answers

This section contains some questions and answers specific to Database Connectors for MSSQL.

When I try to open a file for output, I get the error 9D,2714. There is already an object named "*" in the database. Why?
One of your record's data items probably has the same name as an MSSQL reserved word. Locate the column by comparing a file trace of the CREATE TABLE to MSSQL's list of reserved words. Apply the NAME XFD directive to the field in the file descriptor (FD) that is associated with the invalid column, then recompile the program to create a new XFD file.
Can I open tables in different databases?
Yes. Use a file name like:

Note that, because Database Connectors for MSSQL automatically determines an owner, you can also specify a file name like database..tablename. The two dots are mandatory in this case.

Can I use multiple servers (on the same machine or on different machines) on my network?
Yes. Each server has a unique name.
I'm getting an error 9D,11 Micro Focus lock table missing. I know that I added the lock table during installation.
This is probably a permissions problem. All users must have READ, WRITE, UPDATE, and DELETE access to AcuLocks1 (and therefore to the database that contains it). Be sure to check your permissions.
I keep receiving an error message saying that my login is invalid. But I'm sure I'm using the correct username and password.
All usernames, passwords, and database names are case-sensitive. Be sure that you are typing the names exactly as they are set up.
Are there any library routines that do not work with or would not make sense to use with Database Connectors for MSSQL?
Two library routines that either don't work with or do not make sense to use with Database Connectors for MSSQL: C$COPY and C$RECOVER.