Turning on Tracing

To aid in resolving any difficulties that you may encounter in the initial configuration of Database Connectors, you also set some variables that allow you to perform tracing. After successful configuration of Database Connectors, you will want to turn tracing off, though, because it can result in a significant performance penalty.

Set a new variable:

Variable Value
MFTRACE_CONFIG     c:\DataConnectors\Test\config.ctf

In addition, you should create a configuration file for the tracing configuration. The following is a potential example of such a file c:\DataConnectors\Test\config.ctf :

mftrace.emitter.textfile#Format = $(TIME) $(THREAD) $(COMPONENT) $(EVENT) $(LEVEL) :$(DATA)

mftrace.level.mf.rts               = debug
mftrace.level                      = info
mftrace.comp.mf.rts#pgm            = true
mftrace.comp.mf.rts#pgmload        = true
mftrace.comp.mf.rts#syspgm         = true
mftrace.comp.mf.rts#eprintf        = 1
mftrace.emitter.TEXTFILE#location	 = C:\DataConnectors\Test\logs

You also need to create the directory C:\DataConnectors\Test\logs to receive your log files.