Configuring Your Fileshare Client

The Fileshare Client configuration file is an ordinary text file that you can create using any text editor. By default, it is called fhredir.cfg. The Fileshare Client searches for this file in the current working directory of your application and then along the path specified by the COBDIR environment variable, if one has been set up. Alternatively, you can specify the location of the Fileshare Client configuration file using the FHREDIR environment variable, for example:

set FHREDIR=c:\client.cfg

This example tells the Fileshare Client to use the configuration file client.cfg in the root directory on drive c:.

Configuring the Fileshare Client enables you to specify how you want to treat your data files, that is, as either:

In order to redirect I/O operations successfully, the File Handling Redirector module needs to know: