Database Reference File Maintenance

The database reference file contains information that the Fileshare Server uses to determine which Fileshare features you want to use on which files. This section explains how to create and update a database reference file in order to make use of the features described earlier in this chapter.

  • You should only create or change a database reference file using the Database Reference File Maintenance Utility. This is because the file contains information that is stored in a special format.

The Database Reference File Maintenance Utility is invoked using the /d (database) option, for example:

fs /d dbase.ref [options]

where the parameters are:

dbase.ref Name of the database reference file. If the database reference file does not exist, it is created.
options These specify the operation to be carried out on the database reference file. Each initiation of the Database Reference File Maintenance Utility adds a record to or removes a record from the database reference file specified.

You can add several types of record to the database reference file.