CCI Trace

CCI Trace enables all the messages sent by CCI to be logged to a file. This can help in tracking down and debugging problems related to communications. To activate CCI Trace, add the following to the Fileshare Server configuration file:

/tr cci

To prevent unauthorized access to the CCI Trace information, you are prompted for the supervisor password when you invoke a Fileshare Server with CCI Trace enabled. If the password is accepted, CCI Trace is enabled and a second prompt asks if CCI Trace should be activated immediately or not.


The supervisor password is that specified for the user-ID FSVIEW in the password file, so you must specify the appropriate password file when you start the Fileshare Server.

CCI Trace can be toggled on and off using the F3 key.

The CCI trace options are specified via the CCITRACE environment variable.