Running Fileshare as a Windows Service


You can use the Fileshare Server so that it runs as a Windows service, using the following commands:

fsservice -i [service-name [configuration-options] ] 
fsservice -u [service-name] 
fsservice -v [service-name]


-i installs the service
-v displays the status of the service
-u uninstalls the service
service-name is optional and is a unique name for the service. The service is called "Micro Focus Fileshare Service:name", where :name is included only if a name is specified.
configuration-options are optional and are used to start the Fileshare service. See Fileshare Server Configuration .

To start the Fileshare service as a background process and to stop it:

  1. Click Control Panel > Services.
  2. Select Micro Focus Fileshare Service[: service-name] from the list of displayed services.
  3. Click Start or Stop as appropriate.

    You can also choose to start the service automatically whenever Windows starts.

  • When you stop the service from the Services window, as above, Fileshare closes down as normal. Any connected Fileshare clients are logged off and their data files closed (with any incomplete transactions rolled back).
  • When you shut down Windows, Fileshare is similarly shut down.
  • If you choose it to start the service automatically and you have logging switched on for any data files, we recommend that you specify a Fileshare backup directory in your database reference file. See the section Automatic Database Backup and Rollforward Recovery in the chapter Database Integrity for more information.

For example, the following command installs a service called "Micro Focus Fileshare Service: My Service", which will execute in the c:\mydir directory and use a Fileshare server name of myserver:

    fsservice -i "My Service" /wd c:\mydir /s myserver