Call Interface

The FSVIEW API is called fsviewc. All usage of the FSVIEW API must begin with a call to FSV-C (fsviewc) and end with a call to FSVIEW-C-TERM (fsviewc_term). See the topic FSVIEW API for more information on FSVIEW API functions.

The following example shows access to a Fileshare server which does not have Fileshare security enabled. The name of the server, the time the server was started and the current server usage level are returned:

*** initialize fsview
     call FSV-C
*** connect to a server called serverx
     move spaces to l-user-name
     move spaces to l-server-password
     move “serverx” to l-server-name
     call FSV-C-change-server using l-server-name
*** get basic server information
     call FSV-C-get-server-info using fsvw-data-block
     if return-code = h”3030”
         display "Current Server Status"
         display "Server Name - " fsvw-server-name
         display "Started     - " fsvw-server-startup
         display "Utilization - " fsvw-server-usage
*** terminate fsview
     call FSVIEW-C-TERM

This example uses the two provided copybooks.