Configuring Tracing and Logging

You use the File Handler configuration parameters TRACE, TRACEFILEEXTEND, TRACEFILENAME, LOG and LOGFILENAME to control tracing and logging activities:

You can set TRACE and LOG either globally or for individual files, but you can only set TRACEFILEEXTEND, TRACEFILENAME and LOGFILENAME globally.

For more information about setting configuration options globally or for individual files, see the section Configuration File in the chapter File Handler Configuration.

Here is an example configuration file:




In this example file tracing is set off globally and set on for the data file named datafile1.dat; new trace records are appended to the trace file, c:\trace\mftracefile.xfh, if it already exists. Logging is set on globally and set off for the data file named datafile2.dat.

Note: If the trace file might exceed a size of 4GB, you will also need to specify the configuration options FILEMAXSIZE=8 and IDXFORMAT=8.