Setting Up the Environment for Java and COBOL

You need a Java run-time system on any machine that is going to execute Java applications. If you are going to develop mixed Java and COBOL applications, you also need a Java development environment. You can use either the Java Software Development Kit (SDK) available from Sun, or any Java IDE which is based on either the Sun or Microsoft Java run-time environments. Alternatively you can have a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which provides both a development environment and a run-time environment.

Your COBOL development system currently supports several Java run-time systems.

Before you start writing COBOL and Java programs that interact, you need to add the Java support to the COBOL environment. You do this by running the cobsje script as follows:

.$COBDIR/bin/cobsje [-n|-v][-J java_home]

Where the options are:

-n Do not change the environment settings but display what they are set to.
-v Verbose mode: apply the changes and display the new settings.
-J Specifies the full path to the J2SE installation and sets the JAVA_HOME environment variable accordingly.
java_home The full path of where Java is installed. If you do not specify a path, the value of the environment variable $JAVA_HOME is used.

The script sets up the environment as follows. It: