Servers and Server Enterprise Edition

There are various types of software environment in which a service or server application can be run. One example of these environments is a Web server. The machine where a service or server application is running is generally called a server too.

Most of the technologies for exposing a service involve an application server. This is a software environment under which you deploy your service. The application server provides a listener, which listens for requests coming from would-be clients to invoke the services. The listener routes each request to the requested service. An application server might also handle things like security and scalability, thus saving a great deal of programming time for the developers writing the services.

Applications developed using your Micro Focus COBOL development system require a run-time environment in which to run. Micro Focus offers Server Enterprise Edition to provide a scalable, managed and transactional environment for the deployment of COBOL services, COBOL/J2EE applications and for hosting COBOL Web Services to Windows. You create COBOL services using the Interface Mapping Toolkit (which is part of your COBOL development system) and you deploy the services to run under Server Enterprise Edition. Server Enterprise Edition routes incoming requests to the COBOL application, loading additional copies as necessary, and handling security etc.