Setting the Listener Status

Typically, you will configure a separate service for each of your Client/Server Binding applications, and you will have one listener (such as the "Web Services and J2EE" listener included with the sample configuration) which receives the requests. You can also give CSBIND requests their own listener, or multiple listeners.

If you change the status of the service's listener to "Blocked", then all services belonging to that listener will be hidden. If you change the status of the listener to "Stopped", then it will stop accepting new conversations until it is changed back to "Started" or the enterprise server is restarted. If you set the status to "Disabled" the listener will be stopped and will not be restarted when the enterprise server is restarted.

For example, to change the status of the Web Services listener for ESDEMO.

  1. On your server machine, start a web browser and enter the URL http://localhost:86.
  2. Click Details in the Communications Processes column for ESDEMO.
  3. Choose All from the Process list.
  4. Click Edit in the row for the Web Services listener.
  5. Choose the new status from the list in New Status.
  6. Click OK.