Setting the Service Status

You can set status of a service to Available or Disabled. If you set the status to Disabled, your client programs will no longer be able to establish a connection to that service. In effect, this is the same as closing down the master server under CCI.

To alter the availability of a service, you use Enterprise Server Administration.

For example, to alter the availability of MFCLISRV on ESDEMO:

  1. On your server machine, start a web browser and enter the URL http://localhost:86.

    This displays the Enterprise Server Administration home page. The current status column tells you whether or not a server is started.

  2. Click Details in the Objects column for ESDEMO.
  3. Click Edit in the Operation column MFCLISRV.
  4. Choose the new status from the list in New Status.
  5. Click Apply.