Adding Extra Services

After you have deployed the default server, you can add extra services that expose the CSBIND package. You do this with Enterprise Server Administration.

When you add the service, you select CSBIND as the package, and MFRHBINP as the handler.

For example, to add a CSBIND service called CSTEST, which uses the "Web Services and J2EE" listener, to ESDEMO:

  1. On your server machine, start a web browser and enter the URL http://localhost:86.

    This displays the Enterprise Server Administration home page. The current status column tells you whether or not a server is started.

  2. Click the Edit button in the left hand column for ESDEMO.

    This displays a screen containing tabs that provide detailed administrative options.

  3. Click Services.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In Name, type CSTEST.
  6. Choose the type of transaction management appropriate to this service: check Container unless your application does explicit commits and rollbacks.
  7. In Available Listeners, click the "Web Services and J2EE" listener and then click Add.

    This places the "Web Services and J2EE" listener in the list of accepting listeners for this service.

  8. In Available Request Handlers, click MFRHBINP and then click Select Handler. The selection is active immediately.
  9. In Available Packages, click CSBIND and then click Select Package. The selection is active immediately.
  10. Choose a status for the service from the list in Initial status. By default the initial status is Available.
  11. Click Add.