Deploying the Default Service

The default service, MFCLISRV, is provided in a COBOL archive file, You can install the service to your enterprise server using the imtkmake or mfdepinst utilities.

For example, to deploy the MFCLISRV service under the ESDEMO server using the default configuration:

  1. At the command prompt, change to the deployment directory for ESDEMO; this is Base\Deploy under your Net Express installation, $COBDIR/deploy in Server Express.
  2. Create a subdirectory named "csbind" and change to it.
  3. Copy to the csbind directory.
  4. Run "mfdepinst".
  5. When mfdepinst completes, look at the file deploylog.txt in the current directory to see if deployment completed successfully.

The deployment process extracts the files needed to run servers under Server Enterprise Edition. These are:

It then creates two new objects in the Micro Focus Directory Server repository, under the enterprise server where the service is being installed. These are:

You can use the MFCLISRV as the service for all of your Client/Server Binding applications or you can use Enterprise Server Administration to create additional services that use the CSBIND package (see the section Adding Extra Services). The client part of the application supplies the name of the server program when making the connection, so more than one application can use the same service.