Writing client/server applications typically requires you to include complex code to manage communications. Client/Server Binding refers to a Micro Focus middleware feature that enables you to write client/server applications in COBOL using a simple call interface.

The introduction of Client/Server Binding for Server Enterprise Edition enables you to run the server part of such an application under Server Enterprise Edition. It also provides a number of features that were not available in previous releases, along with improvements in performance, reliability and robustness.

As with previous releases, the client part of your Client/Server Binding application is a conventional COBOL program running under Net Express, Server Express or Server Enterprise Edition.

The server part is run by a service on your enterprise server. Each service can run servers for one or many applications. However, you may want to configure a separate service for each application. Clients can use dynamic name resolution to locate the service.

Note: If you do not want to run your servers under Server Enterprise Edition, you can still use Client/Server Binding with CCI and AAI as with previous versions. For more information, see the chapter Client/Server Binding.