Running a Client/Server Binding Application

The mfserver module is provided in .int code format so that it can be run as it is or generated into .gnt code.

The mfclient and mfserver modules are run as standard COBOL programs, with both the client and server components started manually.

Note: Client/Server Binding for CCI supports both 32 and 64 bit modes.

To run the Client/Server Binding, first start the server program, then start the client program.

The command line to start the server program is:

run mfserver [-b] [-p protocol] [-s server-name] [-v]


-b Allows you to run the server as a background process. Any error messages produced by the server will be stored in the log file (mfclisrv.log).
-p protocol Specifies the communications protocol.
-s server-name Indicates a server-name other than the default (mfclisrv).
-v Displays the mfserver version number.
Note: To use mfserver in 64-bit mode, you must start it using "cobrun64 mfserver [options]", not "cobrun mfserver [options]".

The command line to start the client program is:

run program-name [config-filename]


program-name Specifies the name of the user interface program.
config-filename Specifies the name of the configuration file to be used.