If you use the NOACCESS option of the DB2 Compiler directive or intend to execute the application on a machine other than the one it was compiled on, bind the application to a particular database before execution. In this case, you should use the BIND option to create a bind file that can then be used to bind the program to the database using the DB2 BIND command. For details on doing this, see the documentation supplied with your SQL system.

You can direct the DB2 ECM to store bind files in a directory other than the current source directory by specifying the enviroment variable HCOBND, for example

The directory you specify in the HCOBND environment variable is used to all bind files until you unset or reset the environment variable or unless you specify a specific bind file name using the DB2 BIND directive option, for example:

The DB2 BIND directive option overrides the HCOBND environment variable.