RM/COBOL Source Programs

To submit RM/COBOL source programs to this COBOL system which contain syntax not supported in the standard COBOL language, you must set the RM Compiler directive. See the topic RM for full details of of this Compiler directive.

When you set the RM directive the additional syntax required is enabled. See the section Ryan McFarland COBOL V2.0 Syntax Support in your Language Reference for details of syntax support for Ryan McFarland COBOL V2.0.

You will need to alter your source programs only if they contain RM/COBOL features which are not supported by this COBOL system. You might also want to change your source programs if they contain features which behave differently under both COBOL systems, in order to force this system to emulate the behavior of the RM/COBOL system.

You must change any tab characters to spaces before submitting any source programs to this COBOL system.