Initialization of Working Storage


If this feature causes you any problems, add a VALUE clause with the appropriate value to your source program and resubmit it to this COBOL system. This will resolve any problems which may occur if your program relies on the initial value given to the system.


The RM/COBOL system initializes the following group item to SPACES:

01 group-item. 
     03 item-1     pic x. 
     03 item-2     pic 99. 
     03 item-3     pic x.

However, if ITEM-1 and ITEM-3 have value clauses associated with them, the RM/COBOL system initializes the second byte of ITEM-2 to hexadecimal value 0 when ITEM-2 is defined as USAGE COMP (signed or unsigned) or USAGE DISPLAY (unsigned only).