Embedded Control Sequences in DISPLAY Statements


This COBOL system ignores such control characters at run time as they are hardware dependent. It will try to display them as literals but the results are undefined.


Remove the control sequences from your source program and replace with the equivalent Micro Focus COBOL syntax. In the above example, use the syntax WITH UNDERLINE. See the Language Reference help for a full description of all Micro Focus COBOL syntax available to you. Resubmit your amended source program to this COBOL system. If any of the syntax which you have added to your source program needs to have additional directives set before the system will accept it, you must set these directives. In the above example you would need to set the 3 parameter with the MF directive. See the topic Compiler directives for full details of the available directives. See the Language Reference help for a list of which reserved words are enabled by each directive.