Error Reporting and Diagnostics

Refer to the RUMBA Event Logger and Using the RUMBA Trace Console sections of the RUMBA Administrative Tools help topic in the RUMBA Help Desk. These sections will explain how to monitor error events and trace APPC within RUMBA.

Fileshare Error Reporting - Fileshare clients log messages returned from CCI in both the fhredir.msg and fhneterr.log files in the current directory. For Example: an entry from fhredir.cfg, "CCI: 970116 15183855 0009 07 CCIAPPC failed to allocate an APPC session, ensure that Local LU is defined". Column 2 and 3 gives the date and time stamp of the error. Column 4 (in this case 0009) gives the CCI error code Column 6 gives the CCI error message returned by CCI-GETERROR