Step 7: Configuring a Dependent LU to be Used for a 3270 Terminal Session

In order to verify the connection to the Mainframe it is wise to configure an LU to be used as a 3270 Terminal Session. In this section we will describe the configuration of a Dependent LU.

  1. Select Local LU's by clicking in the Local LU's portion of the configuration window, then click the Add button. The Configure Local LU's window will appear.
  2. Enter the Local LU Name as defined in the list of LUs defined for this PU in VTAM on the host system. We will use the first dependant LU for our terminal session, the dependant LU's will have a LOCADDR that is not equal to zero. In our case we chose an LU with a LOCADDR of 02.
  3. Enter the LU Alias in most cases this should duplicate the LU Name.