CCINAMPU Machine Name

The CCINAMPU client initialization function always assumes that a Server Name is a relative pipe-name when it is passed an empty Machine Name parameter. When CCI-Initclient is passed a non-empty Machine Name parameter, the pipe-name searched for is composed of the absolute Server Name with the Machine Name preceding it to form the complete absolute path.

Thus if Server Name is passed as:


and Machine Name is passed as:


the resultant pipe that is searched for would be /u/work/pipespace/mainsrvr

and would connect with the example of an absolute servername used in the description for starting a CCINAMPU server given above.

An absolute pipe-name must be consistent with any limitations of the file system in use on the host machine at all times. You should be aware that file permissions apply to named-pipes as well as to files.

Absolute pipe-names cannot be used across network file systems (NFS) successfully. Therefore, we recommend that relative pipe-names are used for simplicity in the majority of applications.