CCINAMPU Server Name

The Server Name specified in the creation of a CCINAMPU server can be one of the following:

A relative pipe-name is equivalent to an absolute pipe-name composed of a concatenation of the path /usr/spool/uucppublic/.CCI/ together with a period and the given server name. A relative pipe-name must be at least one character less than the maximum allowed length of a filename for the operating system.

For example, a Server Name consisting of


would generate a named-pipe with the name /usr/spool/uucppublic/.CCI/.mainsrvr which would be unique on the machine in use.

The only restriction for using an absolute pipe-name is that the pipe name must be of a file layout supported by the host machine's file system.

An example of an absolute pipe-name is:


This creates a pipe at the exact location specified. If the user attempting to create the pipe does not have permissions to use the requested directory, CCINAMPU issues an error.

All absolute pipe-names must start with a leading slash (/).