Known Problems

  1. Running Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 with Novell Netware 32 Bit Client

    There is a problem running Microsoft SNA Server v3.0 on Windows NT Servers which are also running the Novell Netware 32 Bit Client. The SNA Server service can cause Windows NT to crash or the service itself may trap. Microsoft are aware of this problem and plan to address this with SNA Server v3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2). This problem does not exist with the Microsoft Netware Client.

  2. Attempting to install Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 on an NT Server configured in a WorkGroup

    Microsoft SNA Server 3.0 MUST be installed on an NT Server which is EITHER a Domain Controller OR is configured in a Domain (where another Server is the Domain Controller). The NT Server must NOT be configured in a WorkGroup.