Step 6: Configuring 802.2 DLC Properties

Now display the 802.2 DLC dialog box by clicking on the 802.2 DLC tag in the Connection Properties dialog box.

The 802.2 DLC settings contain parameters which in most cases can be left to their default values. Two which may need modification are the BTU Length and the Connection Retry Limits.

  1. Specify a value for the maximum BTU Length based on the following formula. BTU = MAXDATA - 9, where MAXDATA is the value of the MAXDATA parameter of the PU definition for this machine. NOTE: For a 4 Mbs Token Ring specify a BTU value of 4195 or less. For a 16 Mbs Token Ring specify a value of 16393 or less. For an Ethernet LAN specify a BTU value of 1493 or less.
  2. Set a value for the Maximum Retries which the SNA Server will make when attempting to establish the connection with the host system. The possible values range from 1 to Unlimited. We suggest a value of 2.
  3. Set a value for the Delay After Failure. This is a value in seconds between each attempt. The range is from 5 to 255 seconds, with a default of 10.


To complete the configuration of the connection click on the OK button.

Before attempting to communicate using CCIAPPC you must define the local and remote LUs which will be used to communicate over the SNA connection you have configured. In this section we will describe the configuration of Independent LUs to be used to communicate over the host connection. When communicating with Host systems running VTAM (or NCP) the Remote LU is known as the APPLID (pronounced 'apple-eye-dee').