Step 9: Configuring a 3270 LU for the 3270 Applet

In order to use the SNA Server 3270 Applet for 3270 terminal access to the host system a 3270 LU must be configured for use by each terminal session.

  1. In the Servers and Connections window select the host connection which is to be used for the 3270 terminal session
  2. In the Services menu select menu item Assign LUs...
  3. In the Insert LU dialog box select 3270 and then click on the OK button
  4. In the New 3270 LU Properties dialog box:
    • Set the LU Number for this dependent LU. This must match the LOCADDR number as specified on the Dependent LU definition configured for use as a 3270 terminal. This is found under the PU definition for the SNA Server machine in VTAM.
    • Set the LU Type to Display
    • Set the Display Model attributes. These can usually be left to default to 2 (24x80) and Model can be overridden
    • Click the OK button to complete the 3270 LU configuration


Repeat Step 9 until you have configured all the 3270 LUs which you require for 3270 terminal sessions.