Step 7: Partnering LUs

The partnering of a Local LU with a Remote LU forms a relationship between these LUs which will enable us to establish a session for CCIAPPC to communicate over.

  1. In the Servers and Connections windows, on the right hand side of the window, double-click on the Local LU which you have created.
  2. In the APPC LU Properties dialog box select the Partners button.
  3. In the LU 6.2 Partner LUs dialog box select the Add... button.
  4. In the Add APPC LU Partner dialog box select the partner LU (in this case it will be a previously defined Remote LU) and the mode for the LU-LU pair. A number of default modes are defined already, for example #INTER, which is adequate in most cases of LU 6.2 intercommunication. However if you need a customized mode see the section entitled Defining a Mode below.
  5. Click on the Close button.