CCITCP Options in the CCI.INI File

The CCI.INI file is only used by CCITCP if direct connection or a fixed port server is required. In addition, this configuration method is only recommended when the Server Name or Machine Name cannot be modified by the application that is using CCI, and the environment variable method described in the section above is also not considered suitable.

There are two possible sections in the CCI.INI file which are specifically used by CCITCP:


which can have entries of the following form:


This is used exclusively to match a given Server Name server_name (see CCITCP Server Name for a description of valid values) with a fixed TCP port value xxxxxx.

The other CCI.INI section used is:


which expects entries of the following form:


This is used exclusively by clients to associate a target Server Name server_name with a Machine Name value to the right of the "=" character (see CCITCP Machine Name for valid values and uses).