CCITCP Machine Name

This is a parameter that only needs to be specified by CCI client applications.

This should be the TCP address (either the hostname if DNS is enabled, or the dotted decimal address if not) of the machine you wish to restrict the client to contacting. If you know that the Server Name of the application the client is trying to contact is unique in the reachable network, or you do not care which server of this same name it connects to, then this parameter is optional.

If you do not wish to use a CCITCP2 daemon to resolve the TCP address and port that the server is using (see Using CCI over TCP/IP without CCITCP2), but want the client to contact the server directly, then the Machine Name must have the following form:


where server_hostname is the hostname or dotted decimal address which the server application is using, and xxxxxx is the decimal port value.