CCITCP Server Name

Both CCI server and CCI client applications need to have a Server Name specified: server applications need to register themselves as available under this name (or what fixed port to use); and clients need to specify which server they wish to contact. The Server Name is not the same as the TCP host name of the machine the application is running on, but a name chosen by the server application to identify itself on the network so that client applications can find it whichever machine it is running on.

Server Name can be any valid alphanumeric string (up to 127 characters in length). Names beginning with a ',' character, or including the consecutive characters ",MF" are reserved for Micro Focus use.

If you wish to have the server start on a fixed or known TCP port (see Direct Connection and Starting Servers on Fixed Ports), then this can be achieved by appending the string ",MFPORT:xxxxx" to the Server Name, where xxxxx is the decimal value of the port. This string is not used as part of the Server Name, but is interpreted by CCI so that the server uses the specified port for listening for incoming clients. If you do not wish the server to have any name (that is, clients cannot use CCITCP2 to contact the server, but can only specify it directly by using the Machine Name parameter) then the Server Name need only consist of this string.


It is recommended that you do not use port numbers below 2000 as these may already be in use by standard TCP services. The maximum port value normally supported is 65535. Care should be taken not to use a port value that is already in use by other standard applications: check with the system or network administrator on valid port value ranges that should be used.