CCI Configuration for UNIX Users

Prior to using CCITCP with CCITCP2, an entry must be made in the /etc/services file as follows:-

mfcobol 86/udp 

Without this entry in the /etc/services file, CCITCP2 cannot function.

On UNIX systems the user is required to set an environment variable "CCITCP2" to select the location of the machine hosting CCITCP2 executable in the network that is being used.

An example of the setting of a CCITCP2 environment variable for korn shell users is

export CCITCP2=myhostmachinename


export CCITCP2= 

The method for setting environment variables in other UNIX shells differs slightly from the examples given here, please use the appropriate method for the user shell of your choice.

Please refer to the section Environment Variables and the CCI.INI File for more details of the advanced configuration of CCITCP.