There only needs to be one CCITCP2 process active on a network in order for CCI over TCP/IP to work, as long as all machines have been configured (using the CCI Configuration Utility) to use it. Alternatively, multiple CCITCP2 processes running in the network can coexist and can communicate between each other so that a machine configured to use one daemon can find an application registered with a different daemon in the network. For instance, it is possible for every machine on the network to be running a copy of CCITCP2 and be configured to use their own local copy to search for connections. This would, however, generate a lot more network broadcast traffic compared to having just one daemon which all machines are configured to use.

The CCI Configuration Utility needs to be run on a machine before CCITCP2 can be successfully started on it (enter a blank hostname if the daemon is run locally). Once started, the daemon will accept service registrations until the effective RAM available to the process is exhausted, or until it is shut down.

CCITCP2 can be started manually at any time (as long as it is not already running) by entering:


at a Micro Focus command prompt, or it can be started automatically at system start-up by including it in the startup folder. Alternatively, on NT, it can be installed as a service (see CCITCP2 as an NT Service).