Running the CCI Configuration Utility

This section does not apply to UNIX installations. Please refer to CCI Configuration for UNIX users

If a CCITCP2 daemon is used to allow CCITCP clients and servers to establish contact then the "CCI Configuration" utility needs to be run first. It can be started by going to the "Configuration" group under the product Start menu item and selecting "CCI Configuration". Alternatively just run CCIINST from any Micro Focus Command Prompt.

The CCI Configuration Utility asks for the address of the machine in the reachable network which is running a CCITCP2 daemon. You can enter either a hostname or a dotted decimal format address. If you do not know the TCP/IP hostname or address of the system that the CCITCP2 daemon is running on, contact your system/network administrator.

The CCI Configuration Utility also updates the TCP/IP services file with values necessary for CCI to work over TCP/IP.

If you leave the hostname field empty, CCI assumes that the CCITCP2 daemon will be running on the local machine, and the changes to the services file are still made.

If the machine running the CCITCP2 daemon changes, you must rerun the CCI Installation Utility and change the hostname to the new value. If there are any Micro Focus processes running which were started before the value was changed (e.g. Command Prompt, Integrated Development Environment, etc.) then these will need to be re-started before they pick up the new value.