CCI Support For TCP/IP

CCI over TCP/IP (CCITCP) allows an application to connect to another application (on another machine, usually, although it can be another process on the same machine) in two ways: directly, by specifying the TCP/IP address and port being used by the application you want to connect to (this is described in the Advanced Features section); or indirectly, by specifying a logical "Server Name" of the service you wish to connect to.

This second method allows the most flexibility: the applications can be moved from machine to machine without being altered; and the details of the machine they are running on are unimportant (as long as they support CCI and TCP/IP, of course). This flexibility is achieved by having an intermediate program which CCI can query when a connection request is made. This program contains or can obtain the necessary details to allow an application to establish a connection with another application of a given Server Name. This program is called the CCITCP2 registration daemon.

Before using CCI over TCP/IP (with or without using CCITCP2) there is some configuration that is necessary, described in the sections below.