Testing the Configuration

Once you have an active connection use the CNOS Initialize option in the Operations menu of the SNA Node Operations program to test the configuration. This will test the configuration by attempting to bind an LU 6.2 session between the Local LU and the Remote LU over the configured LAN connection.

  1. In the View menu of the SNA Node Operations program select LU 6.2 Sessions.
  2. In the Operations menu of the Node Operations program select CNOS Initialize...
  3. Select the Local LU to be used from the Local LU 6.2 pulldown.
  4. Enter the fully qualified Partner LU name (as defined in step 6 previously). This is of the format:
  5. Select the Mode to use. This may be a custom Mode you have defined or can be left to default to #INTER.
  6. Specify the characteristics of the Mode:
    • In Sessions specify the maximum number of sessions allowed by the Mode, this is PLU mode session limit defined for the Mode.
    • In Winners specify the number of Minimum Contention winners as defined for the mode.
    • Specify 0 in Losers for the number of Contention Losers.
    • Specify 1 in Activate to activate a single session as a test.
  7. Select OK to initiate the bind test.

    If the test is successful the session bound between the Local LU and Partner LU will appear in the LU 6.2 Sessions window of the Node Operations program (in the View menu select Refresh to refresh the window). Sessions bound in this way can safely be terminated by selecting the Session Id, clicking the right mouse button and selecting Stop Abnormally.

    If the test fails an error will be reported in a dialog box. Use the IBM Personal Communications Log Viewer to help you diagnose the cause of failure (see the section Error Reporting and Diagnostics below).


Now you have tested the active connection it is ready for use with CCIAPPC.