Basic Settings

  1. Specify LAN adapter.

    IBM Personal Communications will detect which LAN adapters are available for use (i.e. are not dialup adapters, etc.) and list them by number in the Adapter number pulldown list box. If you only have one LAN adapter installed you can select the Use first available LAN adapter checkbox. If you have more than one LAN adapter do not select this checkbox but select the appropriate LAN adapter number from the Adapter number pulldown listbox. The following information will help you to determine the adapter number of the LAN adapter.

    In Windows 95 and Windows NT LAN adapters are assigned an Adapter number in a range which starts with 0. However, you cannot assume that just because you have only one LAN adapter defined it will be assigned adapter number 0, for example a dial-up adapter will also be assigned a LAN adapter number and, in addition, removing adapters from the configuration does not cause the adapter numbers to be reassigned.

    • On Windows NT

      Select the adapter number assigned to the required LAN adapter listed in the Adapters panel of the network settings in Control Panel.


      On Windows NT the adapter numbers displayed in the Adapter number pulldown list box of the Personal Communications Device configuration are inconsistent with the numbers assigned by Windows NT the Adapters panel of the Network settings in Control Panel. When only one LAN adapter is installed Windows NT assigns it number 1 in the Network settings whereas IBM Personal Communications displays it as 0 in the Adapter number pulldown list box of the Basic Settings of the Device configuration.

    • On Windows 95

      Start the Windows 95 Registry Editor (regedit). Select the key item HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Net. This key will contain a numbered key entry for each adapter. Select each numbered key (simply select with the mouse, do not double-click) and use the DriverDesc field to determine which adapter this describes. When you have found the required LAN adapter its adapter number is its numbered key value.

  2. Leave the Local SAP setting to default to 04.